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iPhones – What can be repaired and what not?


Oh! Your iPhone just got damaged?

Before taking it to an iPhone repair center in Delhi, just know what all can be repaired and what not.

No matter how much precautions we take, some damages are likely to happen. Though all the damages are pretty sad and hard to handle, the damage is related to your iPhone brings a great sorrow. No more calls, no more messaging, and picture clicking.

iPhone is one of the classiest gadgets that one can own. The sleek body, shining screen, and light weights are some of the iPhone components that make it an apple of its users’ eyes. Apart from all these exterior factors, things like its operating system and processor are also noteworthy. All in all, it has everything that makes it one of its kinds.

Despite such high-end integration and solid configuration, it is still likely prone towards some damage that can occur either due to sudden accident or after long usages. If you are also facing an iPhone damage then know with Fixmymobile what all can be repaired and what not.


Damages that can be easily repaired

Broken screen

A broken screen of iPhone is one of the most common damages that occur to an iPhone. Either by a drop or some accident, this damage can come in any form and anytime. iPhone screens are pretty delicate and a single fall out on the floor is more than enough to do great damage. Though this damage is pretty common, it is easy to get repaired and restore back to health once again.

You need to check the level of screen damage at first. If your iPhone is still working fine after a broken screen then it means the damage is superficial only. But, it has refused switch off soon after the fall, the most appropriate thing that you can do is to take it to iPhone service center in Delhi.


On average, we spend around 4 hours a day on our mobile phone. If calculated cumulatively, it will come out as 1,460 hours in a year. This is a huge number. Isn’t?

With such long use, the battery of your iPhone is going to wear-off anyhow. The continuous charging, rough handling, and improper charging methods are further factors that intensify damage to your iPhone battery.

Battery damage is another very common issue that an iPhone owner has to deal at some point to time. You will mark that your iPhone is not getting charged even after placing it on charge after several hours. You will be derived to see “Battery Full” notification. The only thing that would be visible is ‘Connect your charger’. It is really very frustrating. This damage makes your iPhone disabled in many senses.

But, the good news is, the damage is totally repairable. A simple battery replacement will bring much relief to you and you can start using your iPhone in full swing.

Headphone Jack

Your iPhone headphone jack could be jammed or stop working at any point in time and you will start hearing the noisy and cranky sound. It is also a very common issue that can be easily taken care by the expert hands of Fixmymobile.  But, the only thing that you need to be taken care at this point is to not extend that damage by trying to fix it on your own. iPhone is a pretty delicate gadget that requires only professional handling. Any noise and amateur handling can only increase the damage.

Charging Dock

It is often found that the battery is all hale and hearty but the charging dock got some serious issue either after rough handling or any accident.  If your iPhone charging dock is damaged then you will not be able to charge your phone properly. Though the damage is nerve-racking, it can easily be rectified.

Camera damage

With Apple phone screen damage, your phone cameras could also face the wrath of the damage up to a certain degree.  Having said that directly implies bad picture quality, blurred images, and even non-functional camera. Don’t lose heart. It is totally repairable.

Frame or body

That sudden fall may also cause damage to the frame or body of your iPhone.  However, it can be restored back to its previous condition easily.


Damages That Can’t Be Repaired

Serious water damage

A simple splash is manageable, but your iPhone has gone into a swimming pool even for 5 minutes the damage is beyond the repairable limits. Usually, water damage causes serious corrosion of iPhone components that put a stop of their functionality. Though the conventional wisdom claims to absorb the water from inside the electronics, we doubt its viability in case of serious water damage followed by corrosion.

Motherboard damage

It is an advanced level to damage that can hardly be repaired. With the serious injury to the operating system of an iPhone, this damage can easily shut off your iPhone for eternity. If you are facing issues like automatic switch on/off, the phone stops responding and goes off on every single click, and after the battery replacement also it is saying replace the battery then make yourself sure that it is motherboard damage.


Despite all the claim of high-end configuration and cutting-edge technology, one can’t turn an eye to the fact that iPhone is an electronic item only that is likely to get some or other damages by all means. So, if your iPhone has also got a repairable damage then just take it to the iPhone repair Delhi shop and restore back its previous condition.

Facing Problems with iPhone Screen? Suggestions and Fixes Here:

The worst experience for an iPhone user is falling iPhone or crushing of screen, which can even skip their heartbeats. If you have the support of your luck, it will drop on a comfy surface or, will be caught by you or any of your friend before touching the ground. But, if it fell, the chances of it, not breaking, are negligible.


Seeing a smashed screen is very much similar to watching a horror movie which leaves its effect for many days, right?

Fallen iPhone is prone to damage screen, which can’t be nullified yet can be replacing it with a new one. For that, you should take your phone to iPhone screen repair experts FixMyMobile. But there is a lot more to take care of. In this article, we have some helpful tips and fixes for you. So, read on and learn:

Things to Remember Before Your Phone Get Damaged

Back up your data with iCloud or iTunes.

Get your phone insured.

Get safeguard or Phone Cover for it.

As a businessman or a working persona, first of all, transfer your SIM card in another handset to not to affect your work. If you have backed up, your data then it’s excellent. Get it repaired as the time permits.

Learn the Difference between Outer glass replacement Vs. LCD screen replacement

The screen may be severely or slightly cracked, varying according to the nature of the fall.



The two possible conditions of your broken screen could be:

Outer Glass Damage or Cracking

Only Outer Glass got ruptured whereas display is working. That means LED is safe, and just the exterior glass needs to be replaced, which is not that much costly and can be done quickly with Outer Glass replacement services.

LCD Fractures

If the whole screen is fractured, then there are fair chances that LED is also damaged. Note that the repairing of LED is pricey. In this case, not only screen but also the outer glass needs to be replaced, which get you into further hardship.

Replacement of injured LED is somewhat tricky costly, but fortunately possible. So if you are pondering to thrust the phone aside and get a new one, then drop the idea. You can utilize various LED replacement services that are available nowadays, which will get back your fully working Phone back to you.

Mending broken glass is easy, and you can do it by your own, but it is always better to let the experts pay with expensive things, you don’t want to purchase the next LCD if you broke the new one while installing it.

The prices LED screen may vary from store to store. So, try to get them at reasonable prices and the best place to make it happen is FixMyMobile for sure.

No, you don’t need a New Phone, but quick Fixes!

To use a fractured iPhone has no reason because all the damages can be fixed within a week span. It may cause damage to your persona as well as to your eyes.


Repairing shattered screen is not that much expensive as buying an entirely new phone. So, instead of getting worried about the charges of replacement, focus on the fact that if it gets into wrong hands, you will need to pay even more!

What can you do on your part?

Assess your phone well. Check if it a hairline fracture or complete bone broken.

Look out for broken glass.

Investigate Screen Repair Options.

If your phone is under warranty, Contact Apple & Repair the Broken iPhone Screen.

Enable the virtual Home button with Assistive Touch if touch ID and Home Button didn’t respond.

Use case and screen guard to save it from scratches or damage.

Use case and screen guards always

Buying a case for iPhone is better, as pay for an example is natural then for a broken screen. If you know that your hands are greasy enough not to keep hold of the beautiful phone then protect your phone with a case as well as a screen guard. These safeguards protect them from cracks and scratches. These scratches make your phone look bad, display a little vague, and also affect the functioning of your handset.

The protectors for LED screen are made from high-quality fabric to fence dirt, dust, sweat, oil and other scratches. They are cost-effective and efficient to save expensive LED displays. It has several pros as they protect iPhones from many issues, but it has cons also, it may reduce touch sensitivity, its response, and the readability, it is used for a long time. If they are not applied carefully, the bubbles may pop-up to alter the perceptibility.

Why get your broken iPhone fixed immediately?

It is advised to get your set repaired as-soon-as-possible if it breaks to avoid inconvenience.  For your knowledge, if you visit apple store, even if you set is under warranty, they will charge you with accentual damage case, making you pay high for it. Apple only cover a hairline crack in assurance.


Bring it to us, at FixMyMobile, is the next best option. We have fixed thousands of iPhones, regardless of their version. From broken integral parts of the damaged screen, we set all major phone injuries. As we have highly potent tools and perfectionists, who know every nook of iPhone servicing. With us, you can get your screen repaired and that too at pocket-friendly prices within a few days.

Our shop provides iPhone screen replacement services for all the versions of this Apple device. You can rely on us for getting your Apple iPhone 4 to iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone X screens repaired in the least time.

As your phone has now become your assistant, non-functioning iPhone can bring a lot of trouble for you and your work. And living without the phone is something next to impossible, so getting it repaired is the only thing that you can do. Bring it to us and get it fixed without a single chance of next mishap. Visit our iPhone repair Delhi shop to fix and avail the best services and consultation by talking to us directly.